We understand how important it is to support your child during their GCSEs, so we’ve created a page full of resources, especially for you. Here you can discover parent user guides and quick start guides, and you can explore how to support your child. For daily resources to support your child join us on social media…

GCSEPod Parent Webinars

Join a GCSEPod webinar and find out how you can use GCSEPod to support your child’s learning plus get tips and guidance on effective home learning practices.  All your questions will be answered by a GCSEPod expert and you will learn about the best way to make full use of the resource during this time.  Spaces are limited so please book your place below.

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Parent Toolkit

Here are the key resources you will need to use GCSEPod and support your childs learning journey. Simply click on the documents below to download them. We also have these resources in Arabic and Chinese, simply click on buttons below to download thos versions.

Guides to supporting your child through their GCSEs

GCSE examinations can be a worrying prospect for your child and they will be under a great deal of pressure with deadlines and examination preparation. Parents/Carers may find it difficult to support their children through this time. These parent guides is a list of possible strategies that may help you with this support.

Teach them how to learn

Make sure students are making the most of the time they spend learning by teaching them “How to Learn”. These Pods show 3 techniques.


A technique to help you remember more.

Retrieval Practice

Practise bringing information to mind for better results with this technique.

Spaced Practice

Revise, rest, repeat…space out your revision for better results.

Getting ready for GCSEs

Our ‘Getting Ready for GCSEs/IGCSEs’ resources are made up of a collection of activities aimed at supporting pupils to ‘have a go’ at tasks, learning and skills required for KS4.

Getting ready for A-levels

Similar to our GCSE resources, an extra workbook which helps students feel more prepared, focusing on expectations at A Level and new concepts.

Keep fit and healthy

YST and GCSEPod have developed a series of Wellbeing Pods to help you better manage your wellbeing.

If you look after your wellbeing and learn to take responsibility for it, not only will it support you through your exams, but also beyond that and into adult life.

Get the most out of GCSEPod

All of our curriculum content is created in-house. Our pods are 3-5 min bursts of GCSE learning, rigorously quality assured and mapped to all major GCSE and IGCSE exams boards. Use these hand resources to ensure you are getting the most out of GCSEPod. If you child’s school doesn’t subscribe please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information. 

Useful Videos

Parent introduction

Student Tour

Parents guide to encouraging good tech habits

Manage your child’s online habits with these top tips.

Planning is the key to successful revision

Keep on top of all work and be prepared for exams with these handy resources.

Anti-bullying help & advice

If your child is being bullied or know someone who is, here are some top tips on how to deal with it and get help to stop it.

Could GCSEPod help your child?

If your child’s school doesn’t subscribe to GCSEPod, subscriptions are available for individuals, including mature students, home educators, or parents who just want to give their child a helping hand at this crucial time. Data shows students using GCSEPod can achieve 1 additional grade higher in each subject.

Contact Stephen Weatherley, our Individual Subscriptions Manager
T: 0191 338 7835 or E: stephen.weatherley@gcsepod.com

How can GCSEPod help?

All of our curriculum content is created in-house. Our pods are 3-5 min bursts of GCSE learning, rigorously quality assured and mapped to all major GCSE and IGCSE exams boards.

Best curriculum resource on the market: 27 IGCSE/GCSE subjects

Proven to impact for the last 10 years, created in-house and rigorously quality assured by experts

Works anywhere, anytime. Accessible on any device

Keeps learning focused: subject & exam board filtering, identifies and fills knowledge gaps

“I honestly cannot say how utterly BRILLIANT the gcsepod resources are…what a wonderful idea, and an absolute Godsend for the youngsters AND for us ‘poor’ parents!! A truly FANTASTIC resource for Revision and Guidance through the many many MANY Subjects/facts/figures….I really do believe that the visual approach to learning and remembering all of this information, is absolutely spot-on…PERFECT.”

Tracey Wileman, Parent