Parent Resources

We understand how important it is to support your child during their GCSEs, so we’ve created a page full of resources, especially for you. Here you can discover parent user guides and quick start guides, and you can explore how to support your child.

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Guides to supporting your child through their GCSEs

GCSE examinations can be a worrying prospect for your child and they will be under a great deal of pressure with deadlines and examination preparation. Parents/Carers may find it difficult to support their children through this time. These parent guides is a list of possible strategies that may help you with this support.

GCSEPod Parent User Documents

GCSEPod Parent Quick Start Guide
GCSEPod Parent Full User Manual
GCSEPod iOS App Guide

If your child’s school uses Firefly, click here for Firefly-specific instructions.

GCSEPod Parent Supporting Documents

How to support your child using GCSEPod
Quiz your child with GCSEPod
GCSEPod Revision Timetable Template

Parent Videos

On the screen above we have included a few videos to make it easier to understand how your can help your child using GCSEPod. We have also included a quick internet safety guide to help them understand how to keep safe online.

Internet Safety

View our internet safety Pod at the top of this page or alternatively download our Internet Safety poster below.

Improve your child’s memory

These handy flyers show you how your child can maximise their memory when revising.

Maximise-Revision-memory-power want-to-remember-more---gcse-revision

Revision Tips

Revision can often feel like a chore, and there are a million things you’d rather be doing.
Here’s some posters to help your child re-think revision and feel a little bit more motivated.

GCSE revision tip GCSE revision tipGCSE revision tipGCSE revision tipGCSE revision tips

Top Revision Tips Poster

To download our Top Revision Tips poster simply click the image below.

Top revision tips

Exam Tip Posters

Helpful reminders to get your child in the best state of mind to take on their exams. We know how crucial it is to get into the right state of mind before exams, so we put together some tips to help them get the most from this exam time.
To download the poster simply click on the images below.

GCSE exam tipGCSE exam tipGCSE exam tip

GCSE exam tipGCSE exam tipGCSE exam tip

To Do List & Exam Checklist

Keep them on top of all their work and prepare for exams with these handy resources.


Anti-bullying Help & Advice

If your child is being bullied or know someone who is, here are some top tips on how to deal with it and get help to stop it.


Dealing with exam stress

Don’t let exam stress overwhelm your child. Help them to stay in control with these top tips.



Prepare for Year 11…from somebody who already is

Prepare for Year 11 with these fantastic tips from a fellow student!



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Want to know more?

“100% of our year 11 students achieved at least 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C.

82% achieved at least 5 GCSEs including Maths, English and/or Welsh at grades A*-C. An impressive 27% of grades were at A* or A compared to the national average of 19.4%.

We strongly believe that GCSEPod has played an important role in improving the outcomes for some of our pupils. Indeed, some of our top users exceeded their target grades in many areas and have now returned to the sixth form to continue their studies at A level.”

Diane Evans - Assistant Head Teacher,
Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteif

There is a very clear correlation between the subjects with the most pronounced raises in attainment (English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Physics) and those that had the highest GCSEPod usage.

In addition, the student with the highest GCSEPod usage was also our highest achiever.

Because there has so clearly been an impact on the departments that utilised GCSEPod effectively, we will be looking to increase the use of GCSEPod across the school in coming years.”

Andrew Ost - Deputy Head,
Fort Pitt Grammar School

“We’ve used GCSEPod for a year and the results speak for themselves!

Not only did we see a rise in headline measures across the board with our highest user of GCSEPod gaining 7A* – but the students and their parents love it!

It’s fun, user friendly, and easy to use in a variety of ways – on a mobile device, in school, at the heart of our mentoring and intervention strategies, for flipping learning, and to deliver positive engagement that parents can see. Plus we’ve only just scratched the surface!”

Dominic Howkins - Vice Principal,
Ormiston Sudbury Academy


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